The Redefining Disabled Project is run solely by the generous support of unpaid volunteers and from monetary contributions from people of all abilities who want to see the Project’s vision and mission come into fruition. Please note that the Project is in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; until those ends are achieved, all donations are extremely appreciated but are not tax deductible. Below are benevolent individuals who’ve contributed to the RD Project so far.

Fans ($3+)

Friends ($10+)

  • Kathryn Evans
  • Erik Mallory
  • Kim-Thanh Le-Lor
  • Sarah Lee
  • Allies ($25+)
  • Erin Archuleta
  • Emma Kleck
  • Yesmin Urias
  • Heather Knierim
  • Amy Yamagami

Sponsors ($50+)

  • Saul Lapidoth
  • Megan Sparkman
  • Candra Newsham
  • Martha Hanyak

Advocates ($100+)

  • Brian Muscarella
  • Celeste Luna
  • Mike Sparkman
  • Jeremy Miller
  • Gerald Ponder
  • Paul Dana
  • Eben Haber
  • Sara Lyon
  • David Alley
  • Walter K. Anderson
  • William Byrne
  • Teresa Stadnik Ortiz

Champions ($250+)

  • Sheri Byrne-Haber
  • Tonya Mallory

Humanitarians ($500+)

Angels ($1,000+)

(Anonymous Amounts)

  • Karyna Joseph

Special Thanks to…

  • Saul Lapidoth, Film Producer, Director, and Editor
  • Grant Kantsios, Web Developer and Host
  • Gabrielle Gomez, Writer and Editor
  • Sheri Byrne-Haber, Legal Counsel, Accessibility¬†Advisor