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The brains behind RDP's Ask Ada! is accessibility guru and treasured volunteer Sheri Byrne-Haber. Sheri has a wealth of disability knowledge,IMG_2609 both personal and professional,  with her background in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and digital accessibility alongside a congenital mobility disability, acquired autoimmune disorders, and a deaf daughter (read Pattys story here). In addition to her personal experience, Sheri holds degrees in Information Systems, Law (JD), and Business (MBA). Sheri has been an advocate for the deaf and a digital accessibility manager for over 15 years and has much hands-on experience working with human resources departments on reasonable accommodations and various disability leave laws. We greatly appreciate Sheri's knowledge and guidance in Ask Ada!

  • I need help with a job application/test/interview. What do I do?
  • How come “service pigs” (or other non dog service animals) get to go on airplanes?
  • Due to a disability, I need a tutor for a college class. What are my options?
  •  What happens if I get genetic testing?
  • I want medical treatment that my insurance refuses to cover. How do I proceed?
  • Someone started a rumor at work that I have HIV. I received a bad review specifically referencing my inability to work with others. Do I have recourse?
  • To receive a reasonable accommodation I had to submit paperwork from my doctor. Two years later my employer is asking for the paperwork to be updated. Is that allowed?
  • What is the difference between “personal services” and “personal devices” and which can be mandated under IEP or Reasonable Accommodations?
  • Do I need to “self-identify” as disabled with my employer?
  • What protection do I get for medical information I provide to my employer in order to get a reasonable accommodation?
  • What is Vocational Rehabilitation and does it apply to me?
  • Are job descriptions required under the ADA?
  • I’ve heard there are now quotas for hiring people with disabilities. What’s up with that?
  • What, if any, IRS benefits are there for Americans with disabilities?
  • Is there protection under the ADA for temporary or intermittent disabilities?
  • My hearing is almost normal with hearing aids. Do I have protections under the ADA?
  • May I be excluded from a job because of health or safety reasons?
  • Are disabilities related to mental health covered by the ADA?
  • Are learning disabilities covered by the ADA?
  • Are people with addictions considered “qualified individuals with a disability”?
  • If the ADA is in conflict with another federal or state law, which law wins?
  • I’ve been told that my request for a reasonable accommodation has been refused because it is a “fundamental alteration”. What does that mean?
  • What is an auxiliary aid?
  • I’ve been told that my barrier removal request has been refused because it not “readily achievable”. What does that mean?
  • I can’t get through a store in my wheelchair because the store's displays are too close together. They have offered me a “personal shopper” instead. Is that allowed?
  • I can’t see well enough to use a touch-screen based system. How should I proceed?


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By admin | April 7, 2016