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The Accessible Icon Project is a national movement started by Sarah Hendren and Brian Glenney in 2011 that aims, through design activism, to reshape the way society perceives people with disabilities by changing the ubiquitous and prolific accessible icon to one that is more dynamic, active, and independent: a better representation of most PwDs in our country.

The hope is that this grassroots movement will continue to spread from city to city, state to state, until PwDs are more accurately represented in our built environment.

Learn more about the movement or buy AI decals and stencils here.

For information on how to bring the Accessible Icon Project to your town, email or

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RDP Creator Kim Lan Grout was invited by Sue Andresen, along with Beth Fowler, and Pam Dickens to bring the redesigned Accessible Icon to Durham, NC, in February 2016. In just a few short months, the Accessible Icon Project – Durham, NC chapter presented to, applied for, and were granted permission from the City and County’s ADA office and the Mayor’s Committee on Disability to begin painting/striping the new and improved Accessible Icon on Durham’s city accessible parking spots and in privately owned lots with business owners’ permission. In so doing, the committee hopes to send a message to our local disability community that it is valued, it is important, and it is being advocated for. Furthermore, the committee, in the spirit of the national Accessible Icon Project, would like to see this message of progress and inclusion spread throughout our great state and beyond.


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We are selling t-shirts with the Accessible Icon to raise money for supplies and marketing to spread word of the cause nationwide. Sue and her husband, Brand, carved the logo into a block and block print each shirt by hand out of their home. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Accessible Icon Project -Durham, NC. These colorful shirts are sure to make a profound statement showing your support AND are only $12-$14 each! Click on the button below to place your order today!

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to specify the color shirt(s) you want at checkout! The list of available colors is below. Color availability is subject to change. As printing is done by hand and only once the order is received, your shirt(s) may take several days to print, dry, and ship. Thank you for your patience and support of the Accessible Icon Project – Durham!

Adult S, M, L t-Shirts available in Royal Blue, Black, Heather Red, Heather Green, Heather Orange, Sapphire Blue, Red, Lime (L only), Saf-way Orange (M and L only), Sport Gray, Jade, White, Yellow, and Dark Gray.

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