Day in the Life

Thank you for clicking on the Redefining Disabled Project's newest sub-project called Day in the Life (DITL). It has been an awe-inspiring journey to head up DITL, and I'm eager for you to experience it for yourself.

This new facet of the Project is similar to the stories and photos RDP creator Kim Lan writes and shoots, but differs in that DITL is completely model-driven, absolutely autobiographical, with no interviewer or professional photographer involved.  In this way you, our readers, will get a glimpse into the lives of people with disabilities, raw and unfiltered.

Since they are sharing from a first person point of view, DITL allows our models to have control over what is seen and shared. This allows participants to flex their creative muscles to show our audience what it’s like to live a day in his/her life with a disability. Our brave DITL models open their lives, their homes, their secrets up to us, leaving them vulnerable and exposed. But here, within the RD Project community, they are safe, welcome, and applauded. All a model needs is a camera, something to write with, and a story.

The RD Project is extremely open to our models’ personal and lived experiences. There are no set limits on what the models are able to capture and share, except that only 24 photos and their captions, representative of each hour of the day, are published. Models are encouraged to show any and all aspects of their day which may include, but are not be limited to activity, medication or treatment, obstacles, friends and family, and advocates or role models. Read on to bear witness to their truths as told by them.

I have loved my own experiences participating in, as a model, and working with the RD Project, as a volunteer; the process of being interviewed, being validated, and liberated upon publication was amazing. Kim Lan and I both, though, wanted to offer a platform for other people like us to tell it like they see it, thus I bring to you DITL. I hope that DITL will grow and serve as a safe forum and a collective voice for all those who have a story to share.


Patty Tan

Director of Operations

The Redefining Disabled Project




By Kim Lan Grout | July 27, 2016


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